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Letter From Kuwait



Dearest Anita,                                                                                            June 27, 1975

It has been ten days since you left. The first few days seemed to drag out forever. I became very restless and depressed. Yet I really couldn’t get myself to get up to do anything. From morning to night seemed like such a long time. Somehow this state is beginning to change a little – although I don’t know whether to ascribe it to just getting used to the realities of life here or whether I am beginning to think about the fact that I’m not going to be here much longer. Anyway, I’ve stated making more use of the car, even if it is only to drive around in circles, sort of like going up and down main street on a Saturday night in a small town during the fifties and sixties. For a little variety I drove back out to the place north of town where we saw the shantytown and the dhow building yards. I was amazed and even impressed by how quickly things change around here – because in the two weeks since we drove up there with Sally the shantytown has virtually disappeared – literally – almost all of the shacks have been carted away and there are just big piles of junk lying around plus a few people who seem to be mainly scavenging. I went up there with the idea of taking some pictures of the dhow builders and it turned out to be fairly worthwhile since they were fairly friendly and didn’t really seem to mind. 

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