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A Letter from London

This is a great letter my mother wrote her best friend two months after my sister was born.

I can’t believe what a happy new mom my mother was. She’s self-aware enough to realize her joy might be a bit much for people, but I’m glad she was able to gush to her best friend. I’ve have a few friends with kids, and none of them were this effusive or energetic. They could barely answer emails for two months, let alone bang out a letter on a typewriter. I’ve always wondered if my mother was reluctant or unhappy to have kids; this letter puts that theory to rest. What gets me the most is her handwritten addition on page three, “I would gladly do it again.”

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San Diego, Part 2


In another post, I said I believed my father resented his kids for not being Ukrainian enough. I always wondered why he didn’t make more of an effort to expose us to the culture. I’m assuming his identity was important to him—after all, he was living in Ukraine at the end of his life—but maybe that was more about having an incredible opportunity to help his home country and needing a job. He’d only been intermittently employed for the few years prior, and my parents were worried about money. But if Ukrainianness was really that important, why did he marry someone (against his parents’ wishes) who wasn’t Ukrainian? 

When I was talking to my aunt on the Ocean Beach pier, I asked her if she was aware of how my dad treated us. She wasn’t, but she did suggest he might have been angry with my mother for not taking us to Ukrainian school while he was away. This, this information, got me really excited.

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